COVID-19 Response Update

Hotcards COVID-19 Operations Plan

Last updated: 5/5/20 - 1:11aEST - Please read our message about determination of Essential Status here.


We are living in unprecedented times... but we don't need to tell you that. Much of our team is working from home and safe (thank God), and we've been able to restructure our supply chains to continue supporting our customers in this time of crisis. We are not doing this because it's profitable. Actually, it's the opposite. We're doing this because many of our customers, including hospitals, municipalities, and other "essential businesses" still NEED print to execute their life saving work.

As the situation continues to evolve, please continue to refer back to this page for updates.

And let us not forget: WE WILL WIN THIS WAR... TOGETHER.

MAJOR CHANGES: * PPE Products - All IN-STOCK PPE products can be purchased from our Medical Hotstore * Product Line Changes - due to supply chain issues upstream related to various closures in various states, including Ohio, pricing and availabilty have changed on many products. Please refer to the website, as each product reflects the most up-to-date availability, price and turnaround. * Custom Quote still available! - if you are in need of a product, but do not see it on our website, WE MAY STILL BE ABLE TO PRODUCE IT for you. We have a nationwide supply network that we maintain for situations just like this. Please contact with your specs - and we'll jump right on it.


Q: Are you still accepting orders? A: Yes, we are still accepting orders online, or through our customer obsession team.

Q: How are you minimizing the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in your facilities? A: We are closely following the safety guidelines from public health organizations, particularly the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), and working hard to ensure our facilities are taking strict preventive measures to minimize any potential spread of the virus.

Q: Will I get my order? A:Yes, our supply chain has ample materials to print orders for the coming months, though certain product lines, turnaround times and pricing have changed. Our supply chain has multiple facilities across the nation, which enables us to have redundancies. If there are facility closures, we will route your orders to open facilities. The contingency plans we have in place ensure that our employees are safe and secure while serving the needs of our customers.

Q: Will my order be on time? A: We will do our best to deliver your order on time based on the estimated delivery date. At present, our teams are working hard to ensure that all orders arrive on schedule. We will continue to follow applicable government orders based on our locations and respond swiftly to make any needed changes (such as rerouting your orders based on our contingency plans). While our Customer Obsession Team is working on contacting every customer where there may be issues with their order, you may contact our customer obsession team at anytime to inquire about order status.

Q: Can I cancel my order due to COVID-19? A: Unfortunately, because we have hard costs in a job almost immediately after your approval, our cancellation & changes policy remains the same. That said, you are encouraged to contact our customer obsession team to see if an order still has time to be canceled.

Q: Can I still pick up my order? A: YES, as Hotcards has been deemed an Essential Business, we've re-opened our pickup hours from 8:30a-5:30pEST each day. You can also still receive your order by choosing any of our shipping options.

Q: Will the product or shipping prices change? A: We are all in this together in this critical time. We will not take unfair advantage of our customers by price gouging. Our product prices, turnarounds and availability will ONLY change if our costs change further up the supply chain. Any additional costs we incur will only be passed through without markup.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time. We are all on the upswing though. Let's stay safe, focused - and optimistic about the future of America!

We will continue to monitor the situation and may update our FAQs as the situation evolves.

We sincerely hope you and your loved ones CONTINUE to stay safe - and we're grateful for your continued support.

#StayHot, The Hotcards DreamTeam

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