How is my price calculated?

Whether you're wondering about the cost of your order or the price difference between different designs or products, we're always here to provide a quick, accurate price quote with no obligation to buy.

Your all-inclusive Hotcards price is primarily determined by three things: 1. The product you select. 2. The total number of ink colors needed for printing. 3. The total quantity of items in your order.

Other factors, like personalization (adding personalized names and/or numbers to your items), or special requests also affect the price.

Tip: The easiest way to reduce the cost per item is to increase the quantity of your order.

Consider ordering a few extras to maximize your savings. Reducing the number of ink colors in your design can also lead to significant savings. Our team of talented artists can make any design shine with only three, two, or even one ink color!

FREE with every order - no matter how large or small: * Professional Quality Assurance - Quality Assurance Specialists will check every aspect of your order to ensure perfection, every time * Expert design consultation * Guaranteed delivery date * Set-up fees * Obsessive customer service * Satisfaction Guarantee

Ready to get a quote? There are two ways: 1. Choose your product and use the HotPrice calculator on the right side of the page to calculate your price. 2. Contact our Customer Obsession Team now!

Hotcards believes in all-inclusive pricing, and our quotes always ensure that you won't be surprised by any hidden fees!

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