Purchasing a Mailing List

One Time vs Multi-Use

When ordering a list from Hotcards, you are actually renting the list. With single use, you may use the list one time only. Want to use it more than once? No worries! You can also rent the list with multiple uses so that you may use the list as often as you like for one year. After one year, you may continue marketing to anyone who responded to your campaign or who became a client of yours. Any individuals who did not responded to your campaign may no longer contacted.

Please note with Occupant Lists, you may only order for a one-time use or two-time use of the list.

Customizing and Purchasing a Mailing List Through Hotcards

If you do not have a pre-prepared mailing list for your direct mail project, do not fret! You can customize and personalize a mailing list to fit your exact target audience. To create your own list, you will need to navigate to the product page you wish to order and select “yes” for mailing services in the additional options. You will be prompted to select your preferred postage and to enter how you would like to provide a mailing list. To begin customizing your list, select “Purchase a list” from the available mailing list options.

Chose geographic areas

Begin by selecting the State, Zip Code(s), or counties that you would like to target. You may enter up to 25 zip codes.

Define Audience

Using this list of options, you can completely customize the list based on the audience that you are most interested in targeting. For example, you can select sort through homeowners or car ownership status, income levels, and amount of children in the family.

View Search Results

Here is a total of the number of contacts on the customized mailing list based on your selections. The broader the search, the more results. If the quantity available is more than the quantity you would like to mail to, you can enter the total quantity you would like to mail to and the online tool will limit the number of contacts available.

You will also need to select if you would like to purchase the list for one or multiple uses.

Order List

Add the mailing list to your job and continue editing or checking out with your order.

List Management - What is it?

There are two forms of list management: a customer provided list or a purchased list from Hotcards.

Customer provided list: Hotcards will provide list management to a customer submitted list by processing for duplicate or un-mailable addresses to ensure you have the most cost effective impact.

List purchased from Hotcards: Hotcards will generate a list for you based on residential or business criteria. If you have purchased a list for multiple mailings, we will save the list for future mailings. You do not receive a copy of the list unless you purchase a list with phone numbers included in the cost.

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