What happens after my order is placed?

We take great pride in the outcome of every Hotcards order! Each order is reviewed by at least three members of the Hotcards production team to make sure your design is ready for print. All art is checked for certain aesthetics, printability, and errors. We will automatically adjust common issues, but certain requirements you must check and approve before ordering. Learn more about the Hotcards Design Review here.

For orders placed using Express Artwork Upload, or Hire Our Designers, you'll get an email with a picture proof before we process your order. Orders placed using the Design Tool are considered approved at the time of order placement. We’ll contact you with an email proof should our Design Review determine any issues.

Your products are then decorated using the method you requested. After your items are decorated, they will be shipped by your guaranteed ship date. You can check the status of your order at any time using the Order Number included in your confirmation email on our Order Tracking page.

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