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Interested in making shirts for you and your friends to wear to your favorite team’s season opener? Want to design magical tote bags for the family to carry around Disney World? Although we are obligated to follow all copyright laws and won’t print any orders that may aid in producing non-licensed merchandise for illegal resale, we promise navigating trademarks and copyrights isn’t as challenging as it may seem! Even if your order contains protected material, we will work hard to print your design for you with the appropriate permissions and/or personalization for your group.Official graphics used on everything from album covers to football jerseys are protected property.

To use images protected by trademark or copyright in a design, we first need permission from the owner or trademark holder. Normally the licensing department of a major sports franchise, a band's management team or even a listed university faculty member can give permission. We need approval to print any protected content for: * Bands/Musicians * Celebrities * TV/Movies * Colleges * Pro-Sports * Greek * Brand Logos/Names * Disney

If you have written permission to use the image, please submit it to us at

If not, we can remove those parts of the design or help you replace them with something from our awesome artwork collection. Don't worry if we do need to change your design... We're here to help you create something you will love as much as the original! Contact our Customer Obsession Team for more information.

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