Specialty Inks

Specialty inks and print methods are additional features that hotcards is able to offer during the design process. They are available for orders of twelve (12) or more items by special request, and often require special pricing. For a consultation on specialty inks and print methods, or to talk to a design specialist as to how they can work for your design, please contact our Customer Obsession Team!

Neon Ink

Neon inks are super-bright fluorescent inks that add a pop of intensity to any design. They are available in blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, magenta, and purple and can be used on any shirt color we offer. These semi-transparent inks are printed over top of a base of pure white ink, so your neon shade will be as bright on a black shirt as it is on a white one.

Foil Transfer

Foil Transfers are an awesome option when looking for a reflective surface on a shirt. The transfers are a metallic facing adhered to the shirt with clear adhesive ink. They are bright and highly reflective. However, they do require special care to maintain their luster. Silver and gold are standard colors, although special requests can be made!


Glow in the dark ink does exactly what it says. A translucent treatment that is printed over a base of white ink, glow-in-the-dark ink appears off-white in the light and a glowing lime green in the dark.

Metallic Ink

Metallic inks are a great option for you to achieve a metallic surface in your design. The inks themselves are metallic, versus being an overlay treatment or transfer, and are available in a variety of colors (although silver and gold are standard). Metallic inks work best when there are no small details to fill as the ink is a bit thicker than normal.

Glitter Ink

Glitter Ink is the best way to add sparkle to your design. A clear, hyper-glittered top coat is printed on top of the colors in your design, making glitter both an exciting and versatile choice!

Reflective Film

Reflective Film reflects any bright light (like headlights). Perfect for anyone looking for high-visibility apparel. This works best for larger areas of print and for a simple design with few thin lines.

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